…what could be

It has been a month that we have owned “North”.  I have been looking at what is….beginning to visualize what she could be.  A fun frustrating adventure begins.
What is:  “North” sits as a 2 unit condominium.  We own the right (North) side.  She has beautiful bones…North 081017 204 There is 2024sf of interior living space on two floors.  The upper level is where you live: great room, fireplace,
kitchen and bath.

The lower level has two master suites/ library and laundry/utility. There is a two car garage.




1000sf of decking surrounds the entire second level.  The backside overlooks Pyramid Point and Good Harbor Bay.

“North”North 081017 225 is my “Frank Lloyd Wright”. So many of  her”markings” reflect his philosophical belief : .A home is an extension of our earth… It should flow into “one”.

Beginning to visualize what can be…
Her needed exterior repairs go unnoticed without a close review.

The windows are original: painted wood, single pane.  They were installed in the 70’s.  The long extended overhang and impeccable maintenance has contributed to far exceeding the life expectancy of any window.


 Adventure #1:  The building is stucco over concrete block and the windows are inserted into the block.  This is not standard window installation. How do I replace 10 windows in the most prudent manner while keeping the visual integrity of the building in place?
…on it!

Looking at what is….
seeing what could be.
…this is what I do best.

0908 2017



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