I am a creative spirit, an old soul and an instigator. My introverted tendencies instigate me to actively seek and explore outside of my comfort zone. It defines me... My favorite joy's are twofold: to create something from nothing....and to look at what is...seeing what could be. I call it creative instigation.

Sleep Bear Point…my favorite Great Lakes hike….3.5 miles of scenic beauty on the bluffs high above Lake Michigan




The terrain entices my senses.  The peace captures my soul.







Walking the dunes is an unfamiliar experience.  Walking up a dune…each step forward…. drops backward, into a one-half step movement ahead.  Heading down a dune …each descending step sinks into the length of two and balance is the focus.

The topography is forever in a world of flux as the winds find their way into making new pictures in the sands and the barren poles that once were thriving trees are buried in place as the granular tomb of nature absorbs their height.

After some time my imagination takes over…as I look at what is….seeing what could be.…on this day I captured a mirage of two bodies of water merging into one.

Early morning…a barge passes across the waters of Lake Huron in front of CedarCliffe.  Slowly and precisely the tug pushes the flat boat with its precious cargo across the glass of Lake Huron.  The deep drone of its diesel engine bounces across the silent waters and I feel the power as she moves echoing her mission.  As I watch: twice…three times…4 times the little tug must back up…repositioning her bearings for she is moving dangerously close into shore.  Finally… propelling around to the other side … the captain decides to return to the harbor to try the journey another day.  The following morning…he returns… succeeding in their mission to save a neighbor’s precious cottage on the bluff of the waters edge.

…. every evening we use candlelight during dinner.  It has become a nightly ritual in our home. Somehow the conversation becomes more alive and the meal more delicious when candles are involved.   Often… we light our candles early …enjoying their golden dance as one of us prepares our evening meal. Somehow the simple, soft, dancing light shrinks the challenges of our day and instigates a settled contented peace as we prepare to move into tomorrow.