Impressionism…for Sale

“impressionism”…an artistic style originated in France during the 1860’s that seeks to capture a feeling or experience rather than to achieve an accurate depiction.

Many pieces exhibited in “captured space” are available to the public.  Here you will find my portfolio “Impressionism”.
On your left: click any subcategory under “Impressionism” to view my work.
Even though I offer various sizes, my work focus’s on 12″x 36″ horizontals and verticals.

If interested in owning a piece or gifting one to another, my contact information can be found on this site.

“Captured Space” and “Impressionism”  will evolve with new media on a routine basis.

…what you need to know:
Impressionistic photography on canvas.
Black matt floating frame.
12″x 36″       520.00US
16″x20″        480.00US
20″x30″        550.00US
Sizes vary…
Contact me for further details regarding the specific piece that interests you or if you would like to view more of my work.


Space Cowgirl

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