CedarCliffe… Snow finally arrives, and ice caves are beginning to visit the shore of Lake Huron in front of me. I ponder my love of a Great Lakes winter as I sit, embracing the warmth of my coffee in hand. My imagination sets free, feeling the 8 degrees Fahrenheit beyond my protective walls. The unpredictability of another winter day. Will the wind visit in haste today? Will snow accumulate in mass? I do not look at the forecast. I love the surprise. I think layers will protect as we walk the waters edge today. Does Miss Sophie need her coat? Entering the fridgid cold excites me. To feel the pinch of frostbite knocking at my door awakens me. I have learned through living how to keep it at bay. Yet still, sometimes I invite her into my Soul.
Why do I love this unpredictable season called winter? We have an unquestionable intrinsic bond. Old man winter is as unpredictable as I.

01 08 2022
Somewhere in Time
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