…walk with me

Sleep Bear Point…my favorite Great Lakes hike….3.5 miles of scenic beauty on the bluffs high above Lake Michigan


The terrain entices my senses.  The peace captures my soul.

Walking the dunes is an unfamiliar experience.  Walking up a dune…each step forward…. drops backward, into a one-half step movement ahead.  Heading down a dune …each descending step sinks into the length of two and balance is the focus.

The topography is forever in a world of flux as the winds find their way into making new pictures in the sands and the barren poles that once were thriving trees are buried in place as the granular tomb of nature absorbs their height.

After some time my imagination takes over…as I look at what is….seeing what could be.…on this day I captured a mirage of two bodies of water merging into one.