Windows …



Colors and more colors…
                 lists and more lists…
in the chaos of looking at what is

…seeing what could be.

The Anderson windows arrived on time: the third week of October, after a 3 week lead time. During the past two weeks: installed.  They were the perfect fit for this replacement project.  Basically…a new double pane window was inserted inside the frame of the old single pane window. 

BEFORE: Old window: wood, single pane…installed 1970’s




AFTER:  New window: black vinyl, double pane: upper and lower grilles not yet installed.

The windows were installed from the inside, not disturbing the stucco and integrity of the exterior trim. No wood rot was found in the original frames during set up for the replacements. These windows for 50 years were protected in two ways.  The building is concrete block so the windows were inset into a concrete frame opening.  In addition there was a protective 4′ overhang.  Minimal trim had to be removed for the install and one small piece of trim added, to hide the caulked gap between old and new on the inside.  I chose double hung, black vinyl with upper and lower snap-in grilles.  I had never used “snap-in’s” because of the lack of authenticity.  Over the past 10 years this concept has improved significantly so I chose to go this direction for two reasons:  the ability to snap out the grilles for easy cleaning and the double hung window has an exterior screen. The screen shadows the way light filters into the window: creating an acceptable visual of true divided-light. windows 011  The grilles are painted  black on one side (outside) and white on the other.
So this weekend, I decided to install the grilles and screens to validate the decision to go this direction.     WHOOP’s……things did not go as 012

I think I need a lesson…maybe they don’t “just” snap in.  

…to be continued from Leelanau
“North”  11.05.2017



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