I am a creative spirit, an old soul and an instigator. My introverted tendencies instigate me to actively seek and explore outside of my comfort zone. It defines me... My favorite joy's are twofold: to create something from nothing....and to look at what is...seeing what could be. I call it creative instigation.

I woke last night to ping’s of light in the sky, believing it was falling stars.  Actually, it was fireflies dancing over the lake in front of me. I hurried downstairs to see a classic Black Sky night.

The heaven’s were twinkling. The fireflies were waltzing. The water was singing a perfect melody.  So I stayed. Stumbling in the dark…finding my favorite veranda chair, I sit. Alone, in my favorite place on this earth… I watch in silence until light is born.
…a perfect summer dream.

5:52 AM

07 28 2022