silent silo…09.23.19Silently this monument of the past has stood tall, as the acres of earth surrounding her evolved.  She is a mammoth structure. I find it hard to envision the jest of this endeavor during the early 20th century as I imagine men being hoisted to the top of her body as they put the dome into place to protect their future bounty.
I also imagine the stories that she could tell as she observed the rise and fall of the beautiful, graceful development not far from her view that altered her farmed fields forever into a winter wonderland for so many to enjoy.
In many ways her view has travelled full circle.  As the trucks begin to appear and remove the rubble that once stood as a prolific noble anchor to a community….the land will return to its former simple beauty…if even, for a short period of time.
Leelanau 09.23.19




…winter forest 2018: It was a wet December day.  The snow was hanging on the trees as the wind glued its moist falling particles to anything that would hold them.  The sky had cast a blue surreal fog.  Leaving my car…I was met with a cold daunting winter embrace.

winter forest
Leelanau N.A. 2018
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