…imperfect beautyAs I place my nose against its form, touching and squeezing its imperfect beauty: my senses tell me that the taste and texture within this tomato is going to be superb… My life’s maturity tells me so.  Year after year…decade over decade…I have sought to find my own technique to master the art of discovering true beauty.  I use this metaphor as my philosophy across the board of my life.  The visual exterior of any object or being… is only a mask of first impression…  engaging and unearthing the substance of what lies within… defines the true essence of what is seen.

… discover the beauty within

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CedarCliffe II
CedarCliffe II…it all began on graph paper.  One small square represented one square foot  of nothing.  Over time that one square foot transformed into something…taking nothing…. making it into what it all became.

Great Lakes NA