…city garden 2017:     As we walked the streets of Stockholm, we wandered into an area about the size of a city block designated as agricultural “space”.  Little gardens were separated by fence and each  expressing the personality of its owner.  This was my favorite.  I imagined myself in this space encouraging life to grow.

…city garden
Stockholm, Sweden 2017
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…32 friends 2017:  As darkness took the light away on this evening as we dined on the bluff of Lake Huron:  sprinkles invited themselves to our table and soon later the sprinkles invited pouring rain.  We all just sat there…32 of us…engaged in the evening…carrying on our vital conversations as the moisture turned our dry attractive bodies into unidentified human noodles.  No one seemed to care.  No one seemed to be bothered with their new unidentifiable uniqueness.  We danced away the night embracing the moisture in the air.  We needed rain….we all knew how badly we needed rain, so we kissed and embraced its arrival….32 friends.

…32 friends
Lake Huron N.A. 2017