… my affair

I love space.  I am passionate about its power within.  I  understand both the simple mathematical and the emotional nature of space. I make cold space warm, dead space alive, old space refreshed.
I develop new space.  I do not waste space nor waste money on space.  Space must have purpose. It must own respect. As a result of understanding space, I transform ineffective space into space with definition and I develop new space that solves space limitations.FullSizeRender

My love affair with space emerged during the first years of my marriage.  It was the mid 1980’s. The economy was in a deep recession.  Interest rates were in double digits. My husband was focused on his new business.  I was managing a sales force for a small company to make “ends meet”.
Enter: … the art deco museum….as described by our real-estate agent.   I fell in love the moment I walked into her.  I convinced my less than excited sweet husband, to buy it.   It was 858sf of ugly yet affordable space that became ours. With little savings, little can happen so the museum’s future became my dream…  I bought a pad of graph paper and made each square, one square foot of the museum’s footprint.   I spent  my free time obsessed with prospective proposals of what our 858sf of bundled joy could be.

The museum had three renovations over our 15 year love affair.  The third…in 1993 was the first result of my love affair with space. DSC06741 Using a small budget, we enclosed the 3′ awning on the front side of the structure. This transformed the tiny rooms on the road side of our museum into space’s that no longer felt cramped. On the back side we took out the rear wall: added 20 feet in depth and installed floor to ceiling glass. DSC06725A gas-fed two-sided fireplace was installed separating the living and dining rooms. A third wood burning fireplace was built in our lower level family room across from the baby grand.DSC06723

During the years that followed my relationship with space grew into larger more intricate projects. I got a builders license…a real-estate license. Understanding the purpose of space became my passion.

  I have now come full circle in this love affair.  I have demolished it… dreamed it…designed it.  I have built it , decorated it, lit it, landscaped it.  I have also experienced the tremendous satisfaction of living in what I believed, was only a dream.

I began capturing space through the lens of a camera 7 years ago.  My impressionistic photography brings an emotional experience into the content of my detailed space. My Gallery: Impressionism for Sale, is the result of my two philosophies… creating something from nothing… and looking at what is, seeing what could be.

 My home projects began from a beginning of nothing….a blank piece of graph paper, where one square equals one square foot of nothing, that in time would merge into something…a melody of space.

I am unconventional, creative and instigative.  I do not believe in boundaries for it erodes the creative process to understanding a specific space. I see tangible space as a surface for art.

Visit my Gallery… immerse yourself, into seeing what could be.   

LinkedIn will tell you more about my professional background.  My other sites will give you further insight into my work and my life: http://www.creativeinstigation.org.  and  www.myghostinme.com

Many of my pieces are available to purchase.

Sherry Cantrick
Space Cowgirl

… embrace what cannot be seen…

(Lake Michigan would be in view if the fog were absent above)