“impressionism”… an artistic style originated in France during the 1860’s that seeks to capture a feeling or experience rather than to achieve an accurate depiction.
I am passionate about capturing the “feeling” that a specific space resonates.
Here, where impressionism meets photography I capture detailed space and transfer this detail into an impressionistic interpretation often accompanied by a personal story. I create an emotional connection that the detail alone can not convey.
Many of my pieces are available for purchase. If you are interested in owning or gifting one of my pieces to another, my contact information can be found on this site.

I woke last night to ping’s of light in the sky, believing it was falling stars.  Actually, it was fireflies dancing over the lake in front of me. I hurried downstairs to see a classic Black Sky night.

The heaven’s were twinkling. The fireflies were waltzing. The water was singing a perfect melody.  So I stayed. Stumbling in the dark…finding my favorite veranda chair, I sit. Alone, in my favorite place on this earth… I watch in silence until light is born.
…a perfect summer dream.

5:52 AM

07 28 2022