Sherry’s Sweater Collection

Knitting… my peace…my refuge…my creative bond. Taking a random ball of yarn, without a pattern…creating something from nothing… seeing what could be. This simple act settles my person. Silently, as I knit stitch next to stitch…row after row…inch turning into inches, I find my person turning inward seeking Soul. After a time… My Ghost in Me begins to exhale emotion, as Soul exchanges wisdom of the day. The hours fly… we interchange sentiment about all that fills my heart, as well as all that hurts it too.

As I take the separate sections… the front, back, arms, and neck… the process of creating the pieces into a whole begins. It almost feels like birth…watching nothing…that becomes something. Believing in what could be.

My sweaters are for sale. Pricing is determined by the number of labor hours and the costs of the materials. No two sweaters are the same. My patterns are my designs. Labor ranges from 35- 45 hours. I do not take special orders. My sweater’s are sized at medium. Many of my sweaters are oversized. I do not use wool.

Sweater Care: Wash in delicate cycle/cold water/Woolite detergent. Immediately “Block” sweater after removing from wash machine.
Pricing does not include tax and shipping. I sell about 10 sweaters a year. I use Venmo for payment.

Proceeds from your purchase will benefit St Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital.