… after the rise. Tag# sl 5

In the early to late 70”s, Sugar Loaf Mountain Resort was my refuge. Born and raised in Maple City, working at SL became my connection to an exciting world, outside the sheltered walls of Leelanau.  

…after decades away. I am back… at the base of the mountain.  I have wandered the mountain a few times. With the lens of my camera and an impressionistic vision, I have captured images of a time once had.  My portfolio: Sugar Loaf “after the rise.” presents the cruel reality that change is inevitable in life.  My portfolio brings to light, that even during its demise, valor prevailed through the memories left behind.

I will always cherish Sugar Loaf’s most important gift to us all …how she made us feel.

I will continue to add pieces of my SL portfolio to this site.