…winter’s Grand II

…winter’s Grand II

Captured Space…no words can convey what this gigantic structure emotes when visiting the Grand Hotel alone.  Every February of every year for the past 30 I have visited this island treasure.  Twice the winds and snow kept us at bay…One of those times was this year. Twelve inches of snowfall and wind gusts of 40 mph kept us apart.  It is a puddle jump flight….maybe 3 minutes in the air but the rules are the rules.  If you can not see the island from the mainland, the island will not invite you in.
I have been mourning the loss of not having our visit this year. Standing alone on her 660′ veranda, listening to the winds wrap their arms around her….it often requires a toast of peach snoops to make sense of it all. During the summer months hundreds of thousands of people find their way here. Hustle and bustle surround. I experience none of that…just me, the Grand, and the wind.

…winter’s grand…
Mackinac Island USA 



…the “grand” view

The long Veranada 2018
…the Grand view   For 30 years, each February we are pulled to an inspiring island in the fresh waters of Lake Michigan in North America.   There sits the grandest hotel ever built.  We cherish our time together. During the summer she is on America’s top attraction list.  During our stay: there is only her, the snow that blankets her body and the winds that challenge her soul.  We feel privileged. We feel honored. We are humbled.  We visit her in her most naked state and it is in this state that she is the most beautiful of all.

…the grand view…
Mackinac Island N.A. 

…snow at rest

…snow at restSnow at rest 2017


…snow at rest   If you look closely at the horizon, you will see the straits of Mackinac viewed from Mackinac Island in Lake Huron.  Walking the vacant road surrounding the island the air is frigid cold…. the sky silent.  The island is at peace.

…snow at rest 2017
Mackinac Island N.A.
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