…CedarCliffe summer’s end

…CedarCliffe summer’s endSummer's End 2018

…CedarCliffe Summer’s End 2018  For many years our Labor Day weekend picnic was spent on Lake Huron beach with a few friends.  We would enjoy hot dogs and  marshmallows on a little campfire as we watched what always seemed to be the most beautiful sunset of the summer. Once the sun settled, our friends would begin to arrive for the traditional bonfire, celebrating our summer’s blessings and sharing goodbye hugs.  Each year as I intentionally burned my marshmallows, mesmerized by the intensity of color in the sky, these friends would always enter my mind: missing them. 
So finally: I invited everyone…
 Now: each Labor Day weekend on Sunday afternoon, CedarCliffe opens it doors.  The tables begin to arrive… the excitement charges the air… the potluck stations are prepared. We experience summer’s end…witnessing the most beautiful sunset of the year….together…the way it always should have been.
Summer’s End…

…CedarCliffe Summer’s End 
Bayfield N.A.

…snow at rest

…snow at restSnow at rest 2017


…snow at rest   If you look closely at the horizon, you will see the straits of Mackinac viewed from Mackinac Island in Lake Huron.  Walking the vacant road surrounding the island the air is frigid cold…. the sky silent.  The island is at peace.

…snow at rest 2017
Mackinac Island N.A.
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