CedarCliffe Summer’s End

…it was a rainy day. We did not know the direction of the weather until late afternoon.  Then…just like magic…the rain subsided…the sun appeared…joining our thankful hearts.  We were granted once more…a magnificent “Summer’s End”.

Lake Huron NA

…Annabelle beauty

…It is supposed to rain tomorrow.


I can’t believe that with all of the past rain these Annabelle’s with their fragile stems and huge mopheads/flowers continue to flourish in happiness. As a matter of fact they are my most beautiful bounty every.


So I needed to capture this, this evening …for tomorrow night many may be resting on the earth’s floor having been overwhelmed by the strength of the elements to come.
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Lake Huron N.A.


…it is different this year. A number of mornings since arriving… in front of CedarCliffe I hear the rumble of a tug pushing a barge south… holding cargo of rock to be used to support the bank of a neighbor. That evening the rumble returns as the barge slowly pushing north…empty of her cargo…back to the Bayfield Harbour.

Lake Huron N.A.
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