Each of us has our own personal definition of what art is… It is a very powerful experience when a piece of work engages a sense of pleasure within our soul. This is what art is supposed to do. This is what I seek to do.

My work is for sale. If you are interested in owning or gifting one of my pieces to another, my contact information can be found on this site.

Proceeds from your purchase will benefit St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital.
All pieces arrive in a black floating frame.

Tax and shipping within US included

10″x24 $220.00 US
16″x20″ $220.00 US
20″x30″ $290.00 US

12″x36″ $310.00 US
24″x36″ $330.00 US
30″x40″ $390.00 US

…we observe…we feel…we wonder if what we feel is correct. The earth forever speaks truth … if we listen.

When I do actually listen…I learn so much about so many simple emotions.  The emotion I love most is respecting the beauty of a hug. I know that I have hugged many of you embarrassingly hard and long, since freedom from the pandemic…  thank you for returning the gift “to feel”.


I woke last night to ping’s of light in the sky, believing it was falling stars.  Actually, it was fireflies dancing over the lake in front of me. I hurried downstairs to see a classic Black Sky night.

The heaven’s were twinkling. The fireflies were waltzing. The water was singing a perfect melody.  So I stayed. Stumbling in the dark…finding my favorite veranda chair, I sit. Alone, in my favorite place on this earth… I watch in silence until light is born.
…a perfect summer dream.

5:52 AM

07 28 2022