…as we explored Key West today…it was cool and very windy. Heavy rain fell last night. We walked and walked and walked…taking in all that surrounded us. It was a perfect simple day.


We named him the “Land Shark”… met in Fort Lauderdale. The perfect machine to guide us on our 100 mile journey through the  Florida Keys, to Key West.


We have made this drive many times in the past, but never has the earth around us been so in tune with itself. As the sun’s heat touched our skin,  our bodies engulfed its vitamin D.  The sky above was a brilliant blue, as the water below… breathtaking turquoise. The sweet smell of ocean salt, sang, as it entered our lungs to breathe. The wind danced around our hair, as Luna tunes spoke to us in the background.

Mile after mile we drove.  We began to feel the beauty taking over our person, as we melted into this captured space.

Time became not important.  We spent most of the day traveling those 100 miles…basking in a special time…a special place…creating special moments.  My pilot was in his element.  He loves where driving takes him… mentally, as well as physically.

A perfect memory, in a perfect time, in captured “space”.