Each of us has our own personal definition of what art is… It is a very powerful experience when a piece of work engages a sense of pleasure within our soul. This is what art is supposed to do. This is what I seek to do,

Here you will find a collection of my favorites.
If any of my pieces here or in “Impressionism meets Photography” engages pleasure in your soul…let me know.

I will personally sign and package your piece for delivery. My story of its “captured space” will be included. Sizes vary… all pieces framed in black floating frames. My contact information is on this site.
….call to discuss.




…winter forest 2018: It was a wet December day.  The snow was hanging on the trees as the wind glued its moist falling particles to anything that would hold them.  The sky had cast a blue surreal fog.  Leaving my car…I was met with a cold daunting winter embrace.

winter forest
Leelanau N.A. 2018
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Touching Dusk 2018:  I find comfort as the sun embraces its nightly bed sinking behind Lake Huron’s basin,   Dusk finds its place as peace settles within our evening door.

…touching dusk
Bayfield N.A. 2018
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…alone 2018: The sky seems to find its setting in another dimension this evening I imagined being one of the privileged few in the boat above….traversing the water….dancing across her mirror.

Lake Huron N.A.