Each of us has our own personal definition of what art is… It is a very powerful experience when a piece of work engages a sense of pleasure within our soul. This is what art is supposed to do. This is what I seek to do,

Here you will find a collection of my favorites.
If any of my pieces here or in “Impressionism meets Photography” engages pleasure in your soul…let me know.

I will personally sign and package your piece for delivery. My story of its “captured space” will be included. Sizes vary… all pieces framed in black floating frames. My contact information is on this site.
….call to discuss.

…we observe…we feel…we wonder if what we feel is correct. The earth forever speaks truth … if we listen.

When I do actually listen…I learn so much about so many simple emotions.  The emotion I love most is respecting the beauty of a hug. I know that I have hugged many of you embarrassingly hard and long, since freedom from the pandemic…  thank you for returning the gift “to feel”.


…. every evening we use candlelight during dinner.  It has become a nightly ritual in our home. Somehow the conversation becomes more alive and the meal more delicious when candles are involved.   Often… we light our candles early …enjoying their golden dance as one of us prepares our evening meal. Somehow the simple, soft, dancing light shrinks the challenges of our day and instigates a settled contented peace as we prepare to move into tomorrow.