…redefining “North”

Assembling the plan…
The past 4 weeks has been spent putting together the group that I will work with to fix North. Windows have been chosen, ordered, and scheduled for install.  Today, I completed dimensional drawings of each room/”space”. These drawings outline the core of this project.  They tell me what is….So, as I study what is…I can begin to envision what could be.  As I study each drawing, I place myself into its “space”.  All space must have purpose.  I ask…. Is this space purposed correctly? Does this space need physical alterations to fully utilize its purpose?  As my mind responds to these questions, cost is waving its red flag above my head.  What are this projects’ priorities?  What is the budget?
North will be completed in two phases.  Phase I is to get it “rental ready”.  Phase II will be to refine it into a residence.  Windows, doors, floors, and paint are the priorities in this phase. Wish-list includes reconfiguring the kitchen to include a 4’x4′ island…







creating a wall fireplace in the library…





re-purposing the laundry/utility room to include a walk in closet…




…what could be

It has been a month that we have owned “North”.  I have been looking at what is….beginning to visualize what she could be.  A fun frustrating adventure begins.
What is:  “North” sits as a 2 unit condominium.  We own the right (North) side.  She has beautiful bones…North 081017 204 There is 2024sf of interior living space on two floors.  The upper level is where you live: great room, fireplace,
kitchen and bath.

The lower level has two master suites/ library and laundry/utility. There is a two car garage.




1000sf of decking surrounds the entire second level.  The backside overlooks Pyramid Point and Good Harbor Bay.

“North”North 081017 225 is my “Frank Lloyd Wright”. So many of  her”markings” reflect his philosophical belief : .A home is an extension of our earth… It should flow into “one”.

Beginning to visualize what can be…
Her needed exterior repairs go unnoticed without a close review.

The windows are original: painted wood, single pane.  They were installed in the 70’s.  The long extended overhang and impeccable maintenance has contributed to far exceeding the life expectancy of any window.


 Adventure #1:  The building is stucco over concrete block and the windows are inserted into the block.  This is not standard window installation. How do I replace 10 windows in the most prudent manner while keeping the visual integrity of the building in place?
…on it!

Looking at what is….
seeing what could be.
…this is what I do best.

0908 2017



…excellent bones


It has been 18 year’s since I have found an extraordinary “space”…where  I fell immediately in love with its bones…Unexpectedly in May…one came into my life…in Leelanau…a touch of Frank Lloyd Wright.

The exterior speaks to the earth… the interior speaks of yesterday 




“Looking at what is…seeing what could be” …
…follow me on http://www.cantricks.com and let’s see together what it will become.
Her name is “North”.

Lake Michigan